Torbay Accounting & Consultancy - saving you time and money!

We want you to earn more from your business!

At Torbay Accounting & Consultancy we fully support local businesses and we can provide advice and support for setting up, as well as developing existing businesses.   We can help you to increase your business profit using various techniques, and can come up with a plan to suit your individual needs.  

Business Development & Coaching Sessions - **risk free with guaranteed returns**

Lets start by saying that this is not for everyone.  If you are content with where you business is, you don't want to earn more money, or you don't like change, then this probably isn't right for you.  You need to be serious about wanting to improve your business, and you will have to take action to benefit from this service.

Our goal is to help you extract the most possible profit from your business, for the least effort, with the most tax efficiency.  We can offer packages, starting at half day sessions for £400, or full day sessions for £700.  This value for money investment in your business will pay for itself in very little time!  This includes 4 or 8 hours with you, at your premises, where we can establish an action plan. We start by learning about your business, and understanding specifically how you operate. 

We then identify areas with most potential under the following categories:

  • Tax savings
  • Cost savings
  • Increasing revenue/sales
  • Simplifying existing processes
  • Improving cash flow

Selecting the options with the highest impact, we would go through action plans with you, with a follow up report via email.  This is a win-win, risk free package. If we can't come up with a proposal worth at least our fees, then you get your money back!  In reality, we would expect the value of our advice to be worth many times our fees, depending of course, on how readily you follow up on the action plan!

Following on from that, should require ongoing support to help you execute those plans, we can come up with a support package to suit your needs.

These sessions are payable in advance, and you can contact us to find out more, and to book your session.  We offer these sessions in most of South Devon including Torbay, Exeter and Plymouth. Remember this is **risk free with guaranteed returns**.  We would love to hear from you, so why not give us a call today?

T: 01803 393 961

M: 07954 148 110